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Welcome To The Party!

Are you intrigued, curious, or scared to death by death?

Join the party(!) for our ongoing discussion, as each new episode attempts to ease our death anxiety (and maybe yours along the way!) with strange facts, historical Darwinism, and more gallows humor than your weird uncle brings to Thanksgiving dinner.

Pull up a seat at our existential tea party, as we dust off the Ouija board and invite Death in to ask life’s most enduring riddles—What’s it all about? Where do we go after we depart this mortal coil? Why are they named finger sandwiches? Because that’s really misleading.

Join us as we flesh out answers to our deepest, darkest questions on the new podcast that digs deep: Death Party!


Find Out!  Test Your Fate On Our


What Listeners Are Saying

“Laughed till I ded.”

– Jane Doe

“Found this humerus.”

– John Doe

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Cohost 1 — Aratrice (she/her)

Originally from the Northeast but a happy transplant to the Pacific NW, she spent much of her childhood in nursing homes due to family members being either residents or employees of those places. Consequently, she spent a large part of her youthful years around people in their twilight years…which later evolved into spending a lot of time pondering her own twilight years. As a chronically depressed and anxious person, she has (felt that she has) confronted her imminent death multiple times, yet happily remains (physically) in one piece.

She was >squeezes index finger and thumb together< this close to becoming a social worker, but instead became an armchair psychologist who aspires to one day have a death podcast renowned enough to result in being granted an honorary degree or other token award that always seems to get lavished upon middle-aged white guys. She loves tea, dancing when no one is watching, karaoke, and anyone who appreciates the half-assed writing style of her autobiographical blurbs.

Cohost 2 — Fae (she/her)

Named after the Faery Folk and born an Aquarius into a long lineage of ghost-seers (so basically extremely weird right from the get-go), Fae grew up convinced that she was at least half faery (and honestly still thinks there’s a 17% chance that this is true).  At the tender age of four, Fae was introduced to the concept of death when her father had the genius idea to take her to an excavated burial site and let her peer down into an open grave at a skeleton, cursing her instantly.  After asking where the man’s eyes were (by which she meant his soul, which had obviously escaped) and getting a dumb answer that failed to explain: the intricacies of death, spirit, the meaning of life and all existence, whether the spark that is our essence is eternal or not, and where personality goes when there are only bones left, Fae dedicated her life to lying awake in the middle of the night obsessing nervously about death.  

She currently holds the world’s record for Longest Span of Time Fooled by a Ouija Board, Throwing Peanuts Exactly to Crows Without Hitting Them, and The Most Consecutive Hours Spent Stress-Shopping for Halloween Merchandise. 

She also LOVES tea.  

Production & Peanut Gallery— Josh (he/him)

Josh likes riding his bicycle to places both strange and familiar, drinking just a bit too much coffee, and sometimes helping engineer podcasts about death. 


Hailing from a one–stop-light Rust Belt town, Josh moved to Boston to attend an art school that no longer exists. 


He and his now–podcast boss moved from the Northeast to Portland about 10 years ago, which is long enough to remember cheaper drinks but not long enough to impress anyone.

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